What is Vishing? Ever heard of this?

Renju Mohan
2 min readJun 20, 2021

The typeof attack that occurs through phone is a form of fraud that many people ignore. And these frauds might regrettably be just as costly. Most telephone scams rely on a vishing method. So what is an assault? And how can you be secure from it?

Vishing is a form of social technology that assailants call victims over the phone claiming to be someone else. It’s also known as voice phishing.

The victim can also be misled to start the phone call. This may also happen in reverse. The individual on the telephone may pretend to be technology support, a banker or even a policeman. They are, in truth, crooks, usually phoning from hundreds of kilometres and your personal information is the only thing they truly want. The next step is identity theft or cable fraud if successful.

Examples of Vishing

Tactics of desire are evolving continuously. When you stop working, attackers just move on. But mostly the same phoney people or character types are involved.

  1. Bank Impersonation: You will be told by an employee of the bank that your account has an issue. You first have to check your details to resolve the problem.
  2. Telemarketing: You will receive a free award from a telemarketer. You only need to confirm your address in order to win the reward.
  3. Tech Support: A technology help agency will inform you that your computer, smartphone, or other gadget has identified a problem. You can propose to email you a solution. Or you may ask for a remote connection to your PC.
  4. Tech Sales: A technology vendor will provide you with a wonderful price on some computer or software service. Once more, you need an email address or a computer access.
  5. Government Impersonation: A state official (typically the IRS) will notify you that some sort of legal problem is present. You only have to check few details to avoid a penalty. They're going to even demand money on the phone sometimes.



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