Microsoft Windows XP- Why people love it?

Renju Mohan
3 min readFeb 1, 2022
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Recently I got an old laptop with a bad screen for repair. The client had some of his old school photos in it and he wants to show them to his children. Asking some online communities did let my hands on a used screen. I quickly replaced the screen and contacted my client. He was so happy to see the display back into work. Turning on the laptop, it greeted us with the ever time favorite chime and the grass land wallpaper, Microsoft Windows XP, an operating system software which made it’s way into the hearts of the users, making it a revolutionary software. Though it had some bugs at the beginning, it was still loved by many.

The client had some conversation about XP with me. His son,who was born on 2018 was stillconfused of what Windows XP was. We both shared many memories with Windows XP and the curious little one was enjoying those memories. We showed him the legendary pinball game with its sound effects. He was surprised to see such games of that time which we played for timepass compared to higher graphics games which the little one plays.

“The legendary startup sound was music to our years.” says my client.

Released in October 2001, Windows XP was the successor of Windows 2000 and Windows ME (Millenium Edition). The main reason I find this software to be loved is it’s simplicity, and it made a lot of sense. Windows XP did bring a major change in the user interface and a ton of other changes under the hood. Though many complained XP for having a conventional toy-like appearence, this didn’t stop people from upgrading their old systems to XP. I truly define Windows XP to be Microsoft’s in many aspecsts in the long run, one of the mostsuccessful and beloved products in history. I was shocked to hear that by 2014, XP was running in over 1 billion computers worldwide. Truly shocking!!

2015 was the end of Windows XP and yet many chose Windows Xp to be thier operating system of choice. Even Microosft Windows had other mainstream operating systems after the end of Xp and still XP rules it’s throne on the list. XP was succeeded by Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and presently 11, yet many people use it.

Many people thought of XP to be a code name but it was an abbreviation pf the word “eXPerience”. XP was the operating system to bring the remote desktop feature. Remote desktop feature enabled a user to control a system from another system via the internet. One of the reasons why people still use Windows XP is that it runs well on older and less powerful hardware. Many new operating systems of the present has a software compatibility changer which has options for Windows XP. When compared with Windows 2000, XP is cited as being less likely to crash, faster and including features that have gone on to become Microsoft mainstays, such as the “hibernate” shut down option.

Naturally, Windows XP will have to retire at some time. Hardware and software will evolve, as will security risks, and XP will eventually be phased out. Windows 98, for example, has a long history but is today considered incompatible and unstable. It’s difficult to predict when this will be the case for XP.



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