Gadgets I use for my work

I am a self made Content Creator. I make, edit videos, click and edit pictures etc. I use an Apple iPhone 7 as my daily driver. Since I don’t have a camera, the phone cam is the one I use to shoot videos. Even my friend use my phone as the camera to create contents for his YouTube Channel. As I do a lot of shooting, I need some gadgets to do a better job and get it done.

  1. Mobile Gimbal: It is a device to stabilize video shooting in a smartphone. I use a Digitek Gimbal, an inexpensive one, just to get my work done.
  2. Lightning Splitter: Since Apple removed the headphone jack and gave a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter to connect headphones or other audio accessories instead, I got in trouble. I have an iPhone 7, the first Apple phone to lose the headphone jack. I was left with the single Lightning port to charge, listen to music, and to connect a mic. The lightning splitter is a small T shaped accessory which allows me to connect a mic with the help of the adapter provided by the company to one lightning port, and a charger to the other port, thereby allowing to charge my phone and record videos with the mic without interruption.
  3. Power Bank: The problem of charging disturbed me a lot before. Nowadays it’s not a big issue for me. I connect my phone and gimbal to the power-bank before I start video recording. Video recording in a higher resolution surely drains battery.
  4. Lightning to USB A OTG: This accessory allows me to connect a USB Pen-drive to my iPhone so I can copy data to or from my phone.
  5. Portable Hotspot: I always carry a portable hotspot to places I go. Putting my phone to airplane mode gives me extra battery. Therefore to get connected to the internet via WiFi, I carry a Portable WiFi Hotspot.




A student and self made content creator, who is more interested in technology, photography and videography.

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Renju Mohan

Renju Mohan

A student and self made content creator, who is more interested in technology, photography and videography.

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