Drain the Oceans — Deep into the Unknown

Drain the Oceans dives deep into the unknown, ushering in a new era of undersea adventure and earth science visuals. Ambitious research, scientific advances, and new technology allow Earth Science and History to unearth previously undiscovered evidence of the most spectacular maritime riddles.

Credits: Google Images

The show which premieres on National Geographic has been my curiosity creator for quite a long time. Being more curious on the deep blue sea, what’s under it, and many more are visualised in a more more realistic animated manner, by which anyone can understand from the visuals itself, despite not knowing the language.

If my mind is right, 2018 premiered the first episode of Drain the Oceans. The show did win the heart of it’s viewers by then. Till 2021, 4 seasons of the series was premiered. I have watched this show on YouTube. Still waiting for new episodes in 2022.

Find more videos on National Geographic YouTube Channel.



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Renju Mohan

Renju Mohan

A student and self made content creator, who is more interested in technology, photography and videography.