De-bloating Windows 10

Windows 10, the present day operating system by Microsoft has been in rule since 2015. According to me it is a “TERRIBLE” operating system ever made by Microsoft. When you install Windows 10 and boots it for the first time, we see a plain desktop. When you open the start menu, things get complicated. Lots of adware and bloatware. Well, you can uninstall most of the bloatware, but it is difficult to remove it from the root level.

I always wanted a Mac system since 2015, due to Windows 10. The financial ability of our family pulled me back to use Windows 10. I had performance issues with the good hardware I was having. Internet was there to the rescue. On looking deep and deep, I came across a GitHub page titled Windows 10 De-bloater. On hearing the term De-bloater, I visited the space, got the info and researched about the de-bloater.

YouTube came into rescue in using this script. Apart from the script, I was fed up with Edge browser always bugging me as a PDF viewer. Using the script, I was able to give Windows 10 OS, a good and peaceful life with no performance issues.

With the hope of buying a Mac in the future……

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