Apple Myths Busted

Renju Mohan
2 min readMay 24, 2021


Apple is the only computer brand in the world, which brings up revolutions which the people call them “horrible designing” and later use them happily. When one of my friend bought a MacBook, I was happy that I could also experience it. He was also happy to share the system with me.

The guy bought in a 2015-model MacBook Pro with an Intel i7 Processor and 16GB of RAM. The hardware was upgradable, which includes the RAM, battery and the storage. He was very much satisfied with the performance. Still three questions were to be solved.

  1. As he used an Android phone as his daily driver and used to copy to and from his device to get his work done on his old laptop, he is unable to access his phone’s storage on his MacBook. What to do?
  2. Since he is always connected, he prefers using the USB Tethering option to connect to the internet rather than portable hotspot, as it drains his battery quickly. What to do?
  3. For extra storage and backup, he carries an external hard drive. He used that drive in Windows OS and is unable to use it properly on MacOS. He is able to open and view the files, but he is unable to copy or move files to and from the drive. What to do?

As usual, he came to me. I was his technical advisor. I had to find answers to the three questions he had. Since Google is the only guru to ask any questions, I asked Google. He gave me three answers which solved all the questions.

  1. How to share files from Android phone to Mac using data cable? The answer is to use Android File Transfer app. Just install the app, connect the android phone using data cable, copy files to and from the phone.
  2. How to USB tether from Android to Mac? The answer is to use an application called HoRNDIS. Just install the app ,connect the phone using the data cable, enable USB tethering in the settings., enjoy the internet.
  3. How to open NTFS drive on Mac? The drives used in Windows OS is formatted in NTFS (New Technology File Format), which will not be recognized on a Mac. Using an app called Mounty will do the trick. Just install the app, connect your external app via the cable provided, move/copy to and from the drive.

N.B: These methods will also work on Hackintoshes also.



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